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About Us


Our Aims

  • To provide you with the highest level of service.

  • To help you achieve a healthy mouth, attractive teeth and confident smile. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile and that teeth should last a lifetime. Hence, our strong focus on preventative dental care. This also helps keep future treatments to a minimum.

  • That dental treatment be delivered in a gentle and caring way, and that treatment be provided as painless as possible.

  • To fully explain all procedures and options in advance so that you, the patient can make informed and educated decisions.

  • To address any concerns you may have; whether they be pain, anxiety, cost of treatment or time required for treatment. Priority is always given to urgent problems such as pain. We thus endeavour to always try and fit you in on the same day for such emergencies.

  • To give excellent value for money. Our fees reflect the quality of care we provide and the premium materials used in carrying out your treatment. These materials are often the newest advances dentistry has to offer and commonly imported from USA, Japan or Germany.

  • To provide you with complete satisfaction. We strive to enhance your experience by providing you with a relaxing, clean and modern environment. For added convenience, ample parking is provided outside the surgery.

  • To limit the number of patients so that you can be seen on time in a relaxed and unhurried environment.

  • To build a long term happy relationship with our patients. We know that the best form of advertising is via word of mouth. And what better way to obtain this, than through happy patients. We hope that by entrusting your dental care to us, we can enter into a partnership dedicated to helping you enjoy a long lasting and beautiful smile.

Our Services


We provide a comprehensive range of services ranging from Cosmetic “white fillings” to conventional amalgam (metal) fillings; with strong emphasis on preventive dentistry. Other services includes; Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Bondings, Teeth Whitening, Root Canal treatments, Gum treatments, Splints, Mouthguards, Dentures, Extractions and Wisdom teeth removal.

We treat patients of all ages ranging from young children to adults and especially cater for cowards. So if you are the type of anxious and fearful patient who requires painless dental treatment, let us cater to your special needs. We’ll show you why we’ve earnt the reputation from our existing patients as the “gentle and caring” dentists.

We also offer up to $1000 of free dental treatment to eligible children (ages 2-17yrs) under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme. Please call to enquire.

Infection Control

Our surgery also places cross infection control high on the list of priorities. We comply with regulatory standards which encompasses the use of disposable items wherever possible; which are discarded after each and every patient. All other equipments such as metal dental instruments and drills are cleaned and sterilised using the latest high tech autoclave (as shown). This ensures that all disease causing organisms such as viruses and bacteria are completely destroyed; thereby providing you with complete peace of mind and confidence that you are protected from things like HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and even the latest “Mad Cow Disease” and COVID-19 viruses.


Mask and gloves are worn routinely. All surfaces of our surgery room; used during treatment; are also wiped down with disinfectants in between patients.
Please contact us if you would like more information.

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